Welcome to ACE Equipment Company


Welcome to ACE Equipment Company – Manufacture of Trash Compactors, apartment compactors, Self Contained Compactors, Front Load Compactors and Vertical Balers. Equipment for solid waste and recycling material.

Ace Equipment Company launched in 1997, building one piece of equipment at a time - trash compactor, apartment compactor,  self-contained compactor, front compactor and vertical balers - growing with each sale. Today we are located in Antigo, WI, with a 65,000 square foot shop. Locally owned by the gentlemen that started Ace Equipment Company Eric Fuller

We build the best trash compactors, apartment compactor,  self-contained compactors, front-load compactors and vertical balers on the market. We take pride in every trash compactor, apartment compactor, self-contained compactor, front-load compactor and vertical baler we build. Constantly developing new products, Ace is on the cutting edge of technology with current equipment.

Our great quality, unparalleled service and overall value are why customers keep returning. We believe satisfaction should be guaranteed with every stationary compactor, apartment compactor, self-contained compactor, front-load compactor and vertical baler

So take a look at what we have to offer. We look forward to serving you. Let Ace Equipment Company help you with your solid waste needs.

Our vertical baler line of equipment is the 6030 vertical baler, 7230 vertical baler and 7244 vertical baler cover a wide range of material and customer needs

Our stationary compactor line of equipment is the A.5 Stationary compactor, Apartment compactor, A2 stationary compactor 2 cubic yard, A3 stationary compactor 3 cubic yard, A4 Stationary compactor 4 cubic yard

Our front;load compactor is the 6 pak. The front-load compactor also comes in 5 cubic yard and 4 cubic yard.
Our Self-Contained compactors are the E30 Self-Contained compactor and the E34 Self-Contained compactor. We will build self-contained compactors to meet all the sizes from 10 cubic yard to 36 cubic yard self contained compactor

* Hours of operation: Monday - Friday 8:00AM to 5:00PM *

A-2/A-3 Stationary Compactor specs