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About Ace Company
      Eric and his Dad in the pole shed with young Amber.


About Ace Company
      Young Cody exploring a baler under construction.

Our History

The humble beginnings of what is now the ACE Equipment Company began in Aniwa, Wisconsin with a pole shed and a trailer home sitting on 80 acres of land and a dream of building compactors and balers.

Eric Fuller, the founder, had no employees at the time and access to equipment was limited, but he did have a 1977 pickup truck that used nearly as much oil as it did gasoline. Eric used that truck and a homemade trailer to deliver the equipment that he built by hand in Aniwa as he was now in the compactor business!

Things were basic back then. Offloading steel deliveries was done by hand as ACE had no forklift. Eric got good at cutting steel with a band saw, and his welding got better with each piece of equipment he built. Heating the 3000 square foot pole barn came from a wood stove that was set up in a corner. Eric wrote his own quotes and spent a lot of time on the phone selling his product. With every sale, he had a growing sense that he was making progress! Eric lived every part of being a new equipment manufacturer, from design, to sales, to installation, to repair and service.

Eventually, orders for equipment outpaced Eric's ability to produce it. ACE hired its first employees and moved out of the pole barn into a 30,000 square foot facility in Antigo, Wisconsin. The city took quite a risk on that purchase as it stepped up and helped finance the purchase. Sales continued to improve which drove the need for more employees and a larger facility. In 2011, Eric purchased a 65,000 square foot facility in Antigo which is where ACE Equipment Company calls home today.

Since those humble beginnings in Aniwa, Eric has focused heavily on designing and producing high quality equipment that stands up to use. He feels very strongly that a great design supports the user directly and helps to reduce service calls and unnecessary down time, thereby increasing efficiency and productivity. That philosophy drives what is done here at ACE Equipment Company. And the customers agree!

Today, Eric is proud to say that ACE ships balers and compactors all over the world, and with every sale, they learn and grow. Eric is immensely proud that his two children, Cody and Amber, have joined him in running the business and are both working hard to take ACE to the next level of superior product design, manufacturing, and support.





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