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Mission Statement

Eric Fuller

Our mission is to bring great quality, unparalleled service and overall value with every stationary compactor, apartment compactor, self-contained compactor, front-load compactor and vertical baler we build. We believe satisfaction should be guaranteed and that a returning customer is a happy customer.

What Sets Us Apart

Although ACE Equipment Company has a very mature, tried and tested, product line of high-quality balers and compactors, we feel that one of our greatest strengths as a company is our ability to innovate. We will work with you to design and produce that piece of equipment that completely fulfills your needs. Need something special? Contact us! All of our products feature our innovative, energy saving HYDRO SMART technology at their core but when you're looking for features and capabilities that meet a unique need, ACE is the one place to call.

ACE Equipment Company is here to help you. Contact us and let us show you what we can do for you!


What is our BUILT TUFF motto? It is our assurance that ACE Equipment's compactors and balers will stand for decades to come, even overcoming Mother Nature. The photo below illustrates our "BUILT TUFF" meaning. The building adjacent to this compactor was destroyed by a tornado, but ACE Equipment's 10-year-old "BUILT TUFF" compactor withstood Mother Nature's fury and still works like it did on day one.

compactor overcomes Mother Nature
This compactor withstood Mother Nature's fury.



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