6 Yard Pre-Crusher Compactor

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6 Yard Pre-Crusher Compactor

6 Yard Pre-Crusher Compactor
Standard Features
  • Single, American Made, Cylinder
  • 30 HP Motor
  • No limit or pressure switches
  • Multiple cycle operation for better compaction
  • 106'' x 60'' Clear Top Opening
  • Solid, four inch wall
  • Comes standard with Hardox liners on floor and sidewalls

Product Description

Our 6 yard Pre-Crusher compactor is perfect for waste that must be demolished before it is compacted. A super strong 30 horsepower electric motor, no limit switches and computer control makes for one of the most reliable Pre Crusher compactors on the market. The A6-PC is built with only the finest quality American steel and hydraulic components chosen by quality--not cost! This Pre Crusher compactor comes standard with Hardox liners on the compactor floor and sidewall coupled with a four inch thick wall. A comprehensive list of optional equipment is available in addition to the standard features that every A6-PC is delivered with today. Best warranty in the business!

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